Blubber Mitt experiment

Suggested age:3+
Time: 15 minutes

Stuff needed to make it

3 cheap ziplock bags
6 tbsp of lard (shortening)
Duct tape
Ice or snow
Large bowl or bucket

How to make the craft item

Put the lard into a ziplock sandwich bag
Turn the second bag inside out and insert it into the first bag with the lard
"Zip" the two bags together trapping the fat between them
Use the duct tape to secure the corners on each side to make the mitt airtight
Put your fist inside the mitt and spread the lard in an even layer
Blubber is a type of fat that acts as an insulator for some animals, to demonstrate its insulating properties, do the following:
Fill large bown or bucket with ice or snow
Put hand in mitt and dip them into the ice
With other hand, put into empty zip lock bag and put into ice, comparing the different feelings in warmth