Stuff needed to make it

1/4 cup white crafts glue
2 16-inch squares of cheesecloth (2 thickness each)
3/4 cup water
waxed paper
marker or crayon

How to make the craft item

In a small bowl stir together the glue and water.
Lay 1 piece of cheesecloth flat.
For the head, wad the other piece of cheesecloth into a ball.
Put it in the middle of the square.
Bring one corner of the square over the head to the opposite corner, making a triangle.
Gather the cheesecloth at the bottom of the head.
Use a piece of string to tie the cheesecloth tightly below the head.
Dip the cheesecloth into the glue mixture so it's wet all over. Squeeze any extra glue mixture out of the cheesecloth and back into the bowl.
Reshape the ghost's body int
o a triangle.
Pin it to a bulletin board covered with waxed paper. Or, lay the ghost on a piece of waxed paper.
Let the ghost dry completely.
If you like, use a marker to draw a face on the ghost.
Use the string tied below the ghost's head to hang it up for a decoration.