Silly putty

Stuff needed to make it

2 TBS of white glue (Elmer's)
2 TBS of water
food coloring
2 Tsp. of borax

How to make the craft item

Put the white glue and water in an old soup bowl (we use the disposable plastic bowls) and stir to combine.
Add some drops of food coloring, as many or as little as you might like, and stir again.
Add the borax, it will start to congeal immediately, knead thoroughly.
(If you don't want to have hands the same color as the Silly Putty use disposable rubber gloves).
The kneading process can last about five or so minutes to get a smooth blob that does not have any wetness at all.
The putty will be smooth and cool to the touch.
When not playing with the putty it should be kept stored in covered plastic containers (cleaned old margarine tubs are perfect).