Pet spider

Stuff needed to make it

Paper nut cups or egg cartons cut into cup
Eight 3 inch pieces of pipe cleaners or twistie ties

How to make the craft item

Decorate cup to make it look like a spider face.
(Use crayons or markers; adhesive stickers; glue on cereal; raisins, nuts. Hats can be made with cotton balls, marshmallows or string.)
Using the tip of a pencil, poke 8 holes around the bottom of the cup.
To make the spiders legs, insert pipe cleaners or twist ties into holes.

SPIDER WEB: Squeeze a glob of white glue onto waxed paper.
Dip 9 inch piece of twine into glue, squeezing excess off with fingers.
Lay one end in center of another piece of waxed paper.
Working outward from center, lay down the twine.
Add more pieces of twine to increase sizes.
Lay longer pieces of twine dipped in glue (12 inches) across the top of the web.
Let dry at least 4 hours. Carefully peel off the waxed paper.