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What we look for in a winning site

Some of the things we are looking for in a website are:

1. Creativity- Is it dumb, or is there original information? Is it just a page of links, or actual content?

2. Ease of surfing- Is it user friendly, or hard to figure out where you need to find things?

3. Kid friendly- Is it friendly to children? Kidsjellybean is a Kids website, it's only appropriate those who win our award have a site that is friendly towards kids.

4. Loading time- Does it take forever to load?

5. Popups- Is the site filled with popups, and things forcing you to download? Any site that makes you try and download something will be disqualified.

We will try and give everyone a award of some type. Adult orientated websites will be ignored. All websites must be "kid friendly" in order to win ANY award from Kidsjellybean.





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